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Astrology Of Great Sex

Discover Your Lover's-And Your Own-Deepest Desired
Paperback Book
Hampton Roads Publishing
September, 2006
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In this provocative and eye-opening book, award winning radio talk show host and astrologer Myrna Lamb reveals sign by sign which partnerships truly complement each other and which ones are likely to burn out. Plus, Lamb backs up her astrological insights with the explicit, real-life confessions of the 1,200 men and women she surveyed regarding their sexual turn-ons and turn-offs. Respondents relate, in their own words, their sexual preferences and admit their deepest desires and most delicious sensual memories. And amazingly, the answers are incredibly consistent with the signs of the Zodiac. Also included is a sex survey for you to complete so that you and your partner can discover and fulfill you own fantasies.

Whether you are looking for Mr. or Ms. Right or Right Now, a one-night stand or a love that lasts a lifetime, The Astrology of Great Sex will help you transform your sex life from languishing to legendary.
Everyone has fantasies, but not everyones fantasies are the same. How can you discover what your lover wants so you can fulfill those fantasies and transform your love life from mundane to magical? Astrology, the ancient science of the zodiac, can predict with remarkable accuracy sexual preferences and compatibility. With The Astrology of Great Sex, Myrna Lamb offers a unique twist on traditional sexual astrology. Not only does she provide guidance on compatibility--which signs meld well with others--but she also includes the real-life sexual confessions of hundreds of survey respondents providing practical and fun insight on your lovers--and your own--deepest sensual desires. The Astrology of Great Sex even includes two copies of the sex survey for you and your partner to uncover your own fantasies.

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