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Astrology, Psychology, And The Four Elements

An Energy Approach to Astrology & Its Use in the Counseling Arts
Paperback Book
December, 1975
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Banyen's Description: 

This modern classic eloquently and practically presents a new science of astrological psychology; a language of energy that has enabled astrology to be widely and reliably used in the helping professions and well as by the rest of us. As Library Journal stated, “Transcending the boundaries of separate disciplines, this work represents a major distillation of astrological principles.”

Awarded the Astrology Prize by the British Astrological Association, this book clearly shows how to approach astrology with a real understanding of the energies involved, and it includes practical instruction in the interpretation of astrological factors with more depth than usually found in astrological textbooks. Part 1 thoroughly explains how astrology can be the a most valuable psychological tool for understanding oneself and others. Analyzing the scientific, philosophical, and intuitive dimensions of astrology, it is oriented toward the layman with no astrological knowledge, astrology students and professionals, and those engaged in any form of the counseling arts.

Part 2 deals specifically with the interpretation and practical application of astrological factors based on the actual energies involved (air, fire, water, & earth). It present a dynamic application of astrological knowledge that clarifies and illuminates traditional techniques and meanings by placing them in the perspective of understanding the vital energies inherent in all life processes.

Arroyo has a number of other astrological books as well.

Publisher’s Description: 

A fascinating introduction to the relationship between astrology and psychology, with detailed descriptions of the four elements and understanding major aspects.

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