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Autobiography of a Yogi

Reprint of the Philosophical Library 1946 First Edition
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Paperback Book
Crystal Clarity
November, 2005
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Since its first publication in 1946, this book has beneficially influenced countless thousands of people in their spiritual quest. For a great many its reading has marked a timeless crossroads in their inner life, when they have made a deeper commitment to spiritual awakening.

Sitarist Ravi Shankar recalls: “I met Paramahansa Yogananda on two occasions in the 1930s as a boy.... Twenty years later someone have me Autobiography of a Yogi.... The moment I started reading that book, it did something to me that I can’t describe. I have read many books on yoga, by yogis; but I was never impresssed as with this book. It has some magic in it.”

In relating Yogananda’s fascinating life story, Autobiography of a Yogi presents a practical, far-sighted, and universal concept of life that reaffirms the infinite potentials latent within every man and woman. Included are some twenty pages of photographs highlighting his life and travels.

This is a verbatim reprinting of the original 1946 edition containing:

ª  The original, unedited text, as written by Yogananda himself, free from posthumous changes introduced by others

ª  The final chapter, written five years after this edition was first published, presented free from all the changes made after Yogananda’s death

ª  An all-new foreword and afterword, written by Swami Kriyananda, one of Yogananda’s best-known direct disciples.

This book is at once an absorbing account of a singular search for Truth and a profound introduction to the whole science and philosophy of Yoga, revealing the underlying unity of the great religions of East and West. Yogananda recounts his experiences and training with modern-day saints and illumined masters of
and explains with scientific clarity the subtle but definite laws by which yogis perform miracles and attain self-mastery.

In a recent article about the book, India Journal concludes, “Among the thousands of books that are published each year, there are those that entertain, those that instruct, those that edify. A reader can consider himself fortunate if he finds one that does all three. Autobiography of a Yogi is rarer still—it is a book that opens windows of the mind and spirit.”




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One of the Top 100 Spiritual Books of the Twentieth CenturyNew Bonus Materials added to this edition include The last chapter that Yogananda wrote covering the years 1946-1951 that wasnot available in the original edition. The eulogy that Yogananda wrote for Gandhi. A new afterword by Swami Kriyananda, one of Yogananda's closest disciples.This is a new edition, featuring previously unavailable material, of true spiritualclassic, Autobiography of a Yogi one of the best-selling eastern philosophytitles of all-time, with millions of copies sold, named one of the best and mostinfluential books of the 20th century.This highly prized verbatim reprinting of the original 1946 edition is theONLY one available free from textual changes made after Yoganandas death.This updated edition contains bonus materials, including a last chapter thatYogananda himself wrote in 1951, five years after the publication of the firstedition. It is the only version of this chapter available without posthumouschanges.Yogananda was the first yoga master of India whose mission it was to liveand teach in the West. His first-hand account of his life experiences includes childhoodrevelations, stories of his visits to saints and masters in India, and long-secretteachings of Self-realization that he made available to the Western reader.

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