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Awakening Body Consciousness

Seven Steps to Integrating Body, Mind and Heart
Paperback Book
Sussex Academic Press
June, 2020
$26.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Whether you wish to explore spiritual development, practice your own presence in the world, or simply live more richly, Awakening Body Consciousness was written for you. This seven-step path to vibrant physical, mental, and spiritual health unites body consciousness with the hearts own sense of truth and the minds best attention. Awakening Body Consciousness combines ancient wisdom with cutting-edge science to reveal how our bodily presence and our sense of everyday presentness can serve as a bridge toward the I-consciousness within us. Rooted in the authors decades of bodywork and studies of world religions, ritual practices, psychology, and neuroscience, Awakening Body Consciousness forges a new path to developing conscious awareness. Through the practice of attention to our own presence-in-the-world, we are able to open ourselves to the experience of unity in body, mind, and heart.

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