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Awakening Kindness

Finding Joy Through Compassion for Others
Paperback Book
Atria Books/Beyond Words
January, 2020
$22.00 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Learn how to nurture and cultivate kindness, compassion, and love in ourselves and others in this very joyous and deeply spiritual (Betty Williams, Noble Peace Laureate) guidebook from the dedicated student of the Dalai Lama (Archbishop Desmond Tutu), Tibetan freedom fighter, and Grammy-nominated musician.

In Nawang Khechog's view, one of the wonders of being human is that we can choose to nurture and cultivate kindness, compassion, and love. These precious values are the foundation of true happiness and are at the core of humanity's possibility of peaceful coexistence with one another and with our environment.

Based on his years as a monk studying Buddhist philosophy and meditation with the Dalai Lama, as well as his own highly regarded kindness workshops, Awakening Kindness details the many ways we can enrich our lives by simply being kind to each other and ourselves. Nawang shares a range of simple meditations, mantras, and practices that are easy to incorporate even into the busiest of lives.

Covering the underlying philosophies of many cultures and religions, and touching on everything from human nature as its portrayed in film to scientific support of our limitless capacity for love and compassion, Awakening Kindness takes you on a life-changing journey that shows that we all can take part in creating a culture of kindness.

"Anyone who picks up this book and is receptive to its message will immediately enjoy the many benefits of living in this simple and sacred way." —Richard J. Davidson, professor of psychology and psychiatry at University of Wisconsin-Madison

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