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Awakening the World

A Global Dimension to Spiritual Practice
Paperback Book
Golden Sufi
November, 2006
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Banyen's Description: 

What is the relationship between our individual spiritual practice and global transformation? How can we use our spiritual awareness to help the world to evolve?

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, author of Sufism: The Transformation of the Heart and Traveling the Path of Love, addresses these vital questions, taking the reader into a global dimension of spirituality. Our individual inner journey is part of the world’s journey, our spiritual light is part of the light of the world. Only when we recognize this dimension of spiritual work are we able to fully participate in the fundamental changes taking place in the world.

Awakening the World describes the spiritual practices and awareness we need to cultivate, the attitudes we need to develop. It opens us to the real purpose of spiritual life at this time of crisis and transition, giving vital information that we need to respond to the call that is coming from the depths of creation. Humanity and the planet are struggling to awaken and transform and they need our help. The book describes some of the dangers and difficulties of this time of transition, as well as the primal joy that arises from being fully alive to the moment. As we step into an era of global consciousness we need to free our spiritual practices from the patterns of the past and help the future that is being born. Awakening the World expands our perception of what is spiritual life, and awakens the reader to the real work that needs to be done.

Publisher’s Description: 
With an in-depth exploration of the relationship between individual spiritual practice and global transformation, this chronicle describes and outlines the possibilities of a cultivated global consciousness. By looking at developing patterns in spirituality, both individual and on a global level, this resource aims to expand perceptions on a basic level of sacredness, urging humanity to take more responsibility for its spiritual heritage and to step into the arena of spiritual service.

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