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Ayurvedic Nasaya Oil Anu Tailiam

(Sinus Relief) 30ml
Body Care + Essential Oils
August, 2018
$14.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Anu tailam is a classical formula described in the Ashtanga Hrdaya, traditionally used to treat problems of the sinuses, nasal passages, head, throat and shoulders.  Prepared in a base of pure sesame oil, Anu tailam contains 30 different ingredients, including herbs such as Jivanti and Devadaru, as well as goat’s milk.  It used in a unique method of administration called nasya, in which the oil is instilled into the nose, in both preventative (pratimarsha) and therapeutic (marsha) regimens.  For preventative means, 1-2 drops of oil are instilled into the nostrils, and inhaled up into the nasopharynx.  Anu tailam helps to purify toxins in the nose and sinuses, and regulates and restores the flow of prana, the vital bio-energy of the body.

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