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Bardo Blues

And Other Songs of Liberation
Music CD
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May, 2016
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Original songs and prayers, inspired in divinations from the Well of Memory and the Tree of Visions. Composed and performed by Ralph Metzner. Produced and recorded by Kit Walker; additional vocals by Ella Zarum.

    1. The Three Roads of Life 4:42 (listen to mp3 audio clip)
    2. Bardo Blues 3:39 (listen to mp3 audio clip)
    3. A Man and A Woman 4:07
    4. Song of the Tree of My Life 3:31
    5. Healing Song 2:59
    6. Sky of Love 2:53
    7. Song of the Soul 5:07
    8. We Come from the Sun 3:07
    9. Shaman’s Farewell 5:22

Disguised as simple ballads, the songs of Bardo Blues reveal a map of consciousness that teach us about our human incarnation, from birth, down the roads of our life, and beyond. Metzner’s tunes are catchy; suddenly you’ll be humming about your soul, your heart, and your life! ~Jamy Faust, psychotherapist, teacher and healer.

Your CD Bardo Blues has us looking to find out whether we are dead everytime we wake up.
~ Ram Dass

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