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Bath Soak Dead Sea Salt

(600gm fine grain)
Body Care + Essential Oils
March, 2020
$12.95 CAD
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For Physical, Mental & Spiritual Cleansing Since ancient times Dead Sea Salts have been known for their therapeutic and healing properties. Colour Energy salts are 100% pure authentic Dead Sea Salts, are unscented and contain no fillers or additives. The Dead Sea is one of the world's richest sources of minerals. Therefore, the salts that come from the Dead Sea have a high mineral content, containing more than 25 different types of minerals. The intense salinity of the Dead Sea, with its extreme content of salts and minerals, does not exist anywhere else in the world. Dead Sea Salts contain high concentrations of Magnesium (aids in maintaining the proper pH balance), Sodium (helps to maintain water balance within the body), Potassium (supports muscular elasticity), Calcium (hypo-allergenic, supports bones), and Bromine (relaxing, anti-inflammatory) to name a few of their healing properties.

The Dead Sea is well-known for its natural healing powers that the Ancient Egyptians used in their beauty treatments. Dead Sea Salts can assist with certain skin conditions by restoring lost essential minerals thus giving the skin a more healthy glow and youthful appearance. As the salts absorb moisture they help detoxify the body, which includes absorbing cellulite and toxins through the pores of the skin. In addition to nourishing and softening the skin they also help relieve sore muscles, arthritic and rheumatoid pain, psoriasis, eczema, tension headaches, and joint and foot aches. Dead Sea Salts are also known to cleanse negativity from the auric field. Dead Sea Salts has been shown to promote a greater feeling of well-being and at the same time have a natural anti-wrinkle effect!

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