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Be Careful What You Pray For, You Might Just Get It

You Just Might Get It
Paperback Book
September, 1998
$16.99 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Aptly subtitled “What We Can Do About the Unintentional Effects of Our Thoughts, Prayers, and Wishes,” this courageous and important book offers a fascinating look into human consciousness, intent, emotions, and psychology.

Having established the scientific link between prayer and healing in two of his previous books (Healing Words and Prayer is Good Medicine), Dr. Larry Dossey, former chief of staff at Medical City Dallas Hospital, takes the logical next step in documenting the full range of prayer’s power. Just as people can use prayer to positively affect health and healing, it is also absolutely possible to use prayer for negative and destructive means.

Through remarkable true stories, case histories, and solid scientific evidence, Dossey illustrates the different kinds of negative prayer—including tainted prayer and malevolent prayer—and explores why they exist and how many of us wield them, often unconsciously, against ourselves and others. He also discusses the ethics of prayer and offers practical suggestions for protecting ourselves from harmful prayer—in a straightforward, highly readable style that artfully blends science and psychology.

Dossey illustrates different types of harmful prayers, and explores curses and churches, death wishes, making demons; the evil eye, hexing ourselves with negative beliefs, the biology of curses, and through it all offers a kind, clear view:

Prayer is a sword that can cut two ways. It can bless or curse.... Can we tell the truth about prayer? Can we stop sanitizing it and allow it to be what it is? Can we acknowledge that prayer, like ourselves, contains dark, shadowy elements?...

We cannot take the salt out of the stew once it’s dissolved; neither can we remove the shadow from prayer. Can we learn to appreciate several flavors at once?

For the thousands who have already begun to explore the spiritual dimension of health and healing, and those who want all the information available on the scientifically documented phenomenon of prayer, Be Careful What You Pray For is a necessary addition to the list of required reading.

If we try to fix things by praying for outward change when the source of the problem is inside, we are engaging in negative prayer, because the prayer forms a barrier to a solution. This is one of the most common forms of negative prayer and one from which we need to be protected. Protecting comes in the form of understanding, of achieving inner harmony and balance.... This is, of course, an arduous task. It is much easier to hang an amulet around our neck or mutter an affirmation to a guardian angel than to do the hard work of self-analysis. But if we did so, this would eliminate most of the curses we encounter. We might not even need the amulet.

Publisher’s Description: 

From the 'New York Times' bestselling author of 'Healing Words' and 'Prayer Is Good Medicine' comes this compelling exploration of the negative side of prayer. Larry Dossey, M.D., offers remarkable evidence that, just as prayer can be used positively t

From the best-selling author of Healing Words and Prayer is Good Medicine comes this compelling exploration of the negative side of prayer. Dossey offers remarkable evidence that just as prayer can be used positively, it can also be used for negative and destructive purposesbeginning with simple worrying. Through fascinating true stories, case histories and scientific analysis, he shows how to protect yourself from toxic prayer. Now in paper!

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