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Be Love Now

The Path of the Heart
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Paperback Book
HarperCollins Publishers
November, 2011
$21.00 CAD
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From Harvard psychologist and psychedelic apostle to a country temple in the Himalayas where he fell in love with Spirit through his guru, Ram Dass’s “grist for the mill” has been precious to many seekers on the path. His 1971 book Be Here Now sparked a generation’s spiritual renaissance (it’s still a great read); his next book Still Here explored the dimensions of conscious aging. And now, with the help of Rameshwar Das, he’s written Be Love Now.

A more contented and sweeter soul in his elder years (he lives in Maui), Ram Dass explores the path of the heart, the way of bhakti, or devotion, through many firsthand and traditional stories and teachings. With lots of personal reminiscences, and evocations of the “ins-and-outs” of “the path,” of  “becoming One with the Love,” Ram Dass’s big, engaging heart—and his curiosity-mirroring psychologist’s mind—offer a unique medicine for souls with a bhakti bent.

There are chapters lovingly woven around themes such as “Excess Baggage,” “To Become One,” “Darshan,” “Guides,” “Remover of Darkness,” “The Way of Grace,” “A Family Man,” and a final chapter, “The Lotus Rises from the Mud,” which offers a loving tour—with photos—of some of the great Saints and teachers of India. Overall, a feast of “tales of the path of the heart,” shared in the seasoned voice of an old spiritual friend.

I have been feeling this book coming full circle on my spiritual journey. It’s been taking me back to the amazing beings in India that originally inspired me, exploring the heart connections that opened me to the Spirit on my first journey there, and bringing it all together with where I am now, deepening in love… It’s my way of sending love out into the world.

“There is no one better than Ram Dass to transmit the essence of ‘Eastern’ religion and philosophy to Westerners. He has made the journey and from the depth of his Joy and Wisdom he shares with us the journey of so many great Beings.” —Krishna Das, Kirtan Wala

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Ram Dass, one of America's most beloved spiritual teachers, sparked a revolution forty years ago with the publication of Be Here Now. This landmark classic inspired an entire generation to see the world in a different light. Over the past four decades Ram Dass has been a beacon for seekers worldwide, challenging us to find new sources of meaning and purpose in our lives.

Be Love Now is the third book in a trilogy that began with Be Here Now and was followed by Still Here, Ram Dass's acclaimed work on aging, changing, and dying. In Be Love Now, Ram Dass shares what he has learned in his remarkable four-decade-long spiritual journey. Through timeless teaching stories, compelling and often humorous personal anecdotes, and soul-stirring insights, Ram Dass tracks the stages of his own awakening in his trademark down-to-earth style. Starting with his days as Harvard psychologist and psychedelic inventurer, continuing through his profound encounters with his guru, Neem Karoli Baba, and moving beyond the reawakening brought on by his near-fatal stroke, Ram Dass shares his life experiences while offering a timeless teaching on love and the path of the heart.

Guiding us through the pitfalls and perils of our own spiritual path, Be Love Now is both a deeply personal and wonderfully universal exploration that will open hearts and minds. Ram Dass once again blazes a new trail, inviting all to join him on this next stage of the journey.

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