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The Invisible Embrace
Spoken Word CD
Sounds True
February, 2004
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Beauty is a gentle but urgent call to awaken, to “rediscover the true sources of compassion, serenity, and hope.” O’Donohue opens our eyes, hearts, and minds to the wonder of our own relationship with beauty. Rather than “covering” this theme, he uncovers it, exposing the infinity and mystery of its breadth. His words return us to the dignity of silence, the profundity of stillness, the power of thought and perception, and the eternal grace and generosity of beauty’s presence. This revelatory work encourages our greater intimacy with beauty and celebrates it for what it really is: a homecoming of the human spirit.

When we awaken to the call of beauty, we become aware of new ways of being in the world… The human soul is always hungry for beauty. We seek it everywhere: in landscape, music, art, furniture, gardening, clothes, companionship, love, religion… and in ourselves. When we experience the Beautiful, there is a wonderful sense of homecoming; we feel fully alive.

Following on his bestsellers Anam Cara and Eternal Echoes, Irish poet and author John O’Donohue turns his attention to the subject of beauty—the divine beauty that calls the imagination and awakens all that is noble in the human heart.

Perhaps now, more than ever before, is the time to awaken and invoke beauty. There is a great coarseness in our time; it can be seen in our language, in the way we hold life, and in the way that we behave toward each other… Were Beauty to awaken in the fields of politics, religion, planning, discourse, and seeing, our world would heal and fresh wells of hope would refresh us.

As he focuses on the classical, medieval, and Celtic traditions, on art, music, literature, nature, and language, O’Donohue reveals how beauty’s invisible embrace “calls us to feel, think, and act beautifully in the world: to create and live a life that awakens the Beautiful.”

Beauty is an exquisite treasury of Forms of the Beautiful. Its surface employs narrative, image, anecdote, and myth, while into the silence of its subtext are sown seeds of reflection that gradually blossom in the heart.

“This refreshing book falls like rain on the parched plain of contemporary discourse.” —Publishers Weekly

Publisher’s Description: 

The human soul is hungry for beauty; we seek it everywhere- in landscape, music, art, love, companionship, religion, and in ourselves. When we experience the Beautiful, we feel fully alive. From Irish poet and philosopher John O'Donohue comes more than five hours of poetry, vision, and imagination to attune to this awesome force, with Beauty.

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