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Journeying Toward Authenticity
Paperback Book
June, 2009
$26.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

BECOMING: Journeying Toward Authenticity addresses the themes of transformation, self-awareness, authenticity, being here, now. The book is a set of personal essays, and, as one reviewer has said, it ..". gleans nuggets from many teachings and makes them personally accessible. This is benefit enough to recommend it. More than this, though, it invites us into our own experiences. These stories are doorways, opening us to our own journeys. This is a book to read over and over." Each essay begins with a two selected quotations which set the tone, and concludes with references to related reading to deepen the exploration of the theme. Also, and most importantly, each essay offers a set of questions which invite the reader to reflect on her/his own life in the areas addressed in that essay.

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