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Beyond The Postmodern Mind

Third & Updated Edition
Paperback Book
April, 2003
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Rationalism and Newtonian science has lured us into dark woods, but a new metaphysics can rescue us.

This new edition of acclaimed essays from “primordialist” Huston Smith, author of Why Religion Matters, explores the sea changes in the relationships between religion and science over the course of Western culture and suggests possible breakthroughs toward reaching an enlightened consciousness.

The essays here assembled invite us to step outside our current Western outlook to see it in perspective. The limitations of earlier outlooks are so obvious that we forget that ours, too, is built on premises history will smile on.

Smith distinguishes between the “traditional” worldview that placed God at the centre of the universe; the “modern” scientific view that recognized only objective reality; and the “postmodern” view that doubts the universe makes sense at all. He illuminates views of “the stable backdrop” (perennial philosophy, primordial tradition); and provides essays on higher education, the humanities, contemporary crises in philosophy, theology’s unstable détente with science, the dispute over evolution, and the relevance of the great religions for modern society.

His inspired last chapters, “offering suggestions for clearing up confusions that bedeviled the twentieth century and are still with us,” draw on the most advanced scientific techniques to affirm the ultimate truths of love, the human soul, and the Divine. And a new epilogue, “Exploring Religious Frontiers,” describes the twelve frontiers of his own life journey.

In the big picture—in the widest-angle lens we can have on reality—there is nothing in Modernity or Postmodernity that equals the convergent wisdom of the world’s great religious traditions.

“Huston Smith brings a convincing argument for a more encompassing vision of existence that includes the perennial wisdom of the ancient spiritual traditions.” —Stanislav Grof, author of Psychology of the Future

Huston Smith's great seminal text is The World’s Religions.

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