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Bioharmonic Self-Massage

How to Harmonize Your Mental, Emotional and Physical Energies
Paperback Book
Inner Traditions
July, 2011
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Banyen's Description: 

Drawing upon biological decoding, reflexology, lymph massage, and yoga as well as recent neuroscience and quantum physics research, therapist and kinesiologist Yves Bligny shows how to awaken the body’s natural potential to harmonize energy through the release of tensions and emotional memories trapped within our muscles. He explains how the synergy between the physical body, emotions, thoughts, energy, and consciousness creates a delicate balance, or “bioharmony,” that can be tuned and adjusted through self-massage.

Using the power of intention—directed thought aided by expanded awareness of the body—as well as tennis balls, curtain rods, foam tubes, and other common objects to reach hard-to-massage problem areas, Bligny shows how to take inventory of your body, mind, and memories and use the conscious touch of self-massage to remove energy blockages, release trapped emotions, and relieve anxieties, stress, and muscle tensions as well as gain stability and strength. Effective for chronic back, neck, and shoulder problems, the movements and stretching exercises of bioharmonic self-massage can also be used to increase fluidity of motion, ward off illness, and attain a state of bioharmonic—physical, emotional, mental, and energetic—well-being.

“Bligny’s respect for body and spirit radiates throughout this fine work. A compendium of the research on the body/mind connection combined with a loving self-help program for greater holistic personal awareness, Bioharmonic Self-Massage is a treasure for both bodywork professionals and lay people alike.”
—Mary Bond, author of The New Rules of Posture

Publisher’s Description: 

This book shows how to use self-massage to remove energy blockages, relieve muscle tension, and attain a balanced state of well-being. Uses common objects such as a tennis ball to work on hard-to-reach problem areas. Full-color illustrations throughout.

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