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Birthing a New Civilization

Transition to the New Golden Age in 2032
Paperback Book
Findhorn Press
December, 2013
$19.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Renowned cosmic scholar Diana Cooper takes stock of where humanity stands in evolutionary development, with a firm view of the current transition towards 2032, in this spiritual guidebook. Noting that 2012 has past with the world still in one piece, this fascinating forecast highlights the new spiritual energies entering the planet and bringing shifts to economic, political, and climatic areas. Further predictions are offered for individual countries and include a time frame for this massive transitionanticipated to last until the Earth moves into the fifth-dimensional frequency. From what to expect to how to prepare, this exciting exploration serves as guidance for the next 20 years, allowing readers to attune themselves to the spiritual forces on the horizon.

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