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Prayers and Declarations for a Heartful Life
Paperback Book
March, 1998
$13.99 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Through her writings and workshops on The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron has inspired millions of folks to pursue their dreams. In the tradition of Heart Steps, her earlier book of this type, Blessings reveals the keys she uses to reconnect herself with the source of her creative spirit. Focusing on gratitude and blessing, Cameron explains how she surrenders to the “deeper flow of life rather than willfully forcing artificial solutions.” She shares the deepest affirmations of her heart, often juxtaposed with beautiful quotes from many other poets, artists, and wise people. How wonderful to find a book without a table of contents!

The song of life is infinite and variable. Its melodies and harmonies hold infinite possibilities. I am both the listener and the song. I am both the composer and the note. A creator myself, I am also the creation of a larger hand. In the great symphony of life, I am both large and small. I welcome this paradox. I allow myself to feel the protective guidance of a greater whole even as I allow myself to feel the power of my own largeness and strength. The balance is perfect, the design sublime. Recognizing that I am small enough to receive help and large enough to give it, I both receive energy and extend energy with a rhythm as melodic and as natural as breathing. Conscious of this process, I know that I can inhale greater support when that is my need, and exhale greater support when that is the need of others. My life is lived in harmony. I am a graceful note consciously and organically connected to the universal song. As I am true to myself, those who are in harmony with me resonate to my personality and come to my side. Knowing that, I count myself blessed. I find myself both powerful and protected.

Those who try on and follow Cameron’s inspiring advice and prayers (and listen to Tim Wheater’s healing music in the audiobook) will be appreciating the beauty, harmony, and synergy of life, thus blessing and being blessed.

Publisher’s Description: 

Through her writings and workshops, Julia Cameron has inspired millions to pursue their dreams. By acknowledging the beauty, harmony and synergy of life, readers learn through Cameron’s prose how to cherish the gifts they have been given and use them to the fullest. With "Blessings", readers understand the secrets of a life that is rich, beautiful, intricate and valuable.

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