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Blue Truth

A Spiritual Guide to Life & Death and Love & Sex
Paperback Book
Sounds True
November, 2004
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In Blue Truth (previously published as Naked Buddhism) maverick writer David Deida, author of Intimate Communion, re-visions the living openness of loving in a lively and inviting way.

Love is the openness that is this moment’s living substance, a knowing emptiness, fully feeling, that leaves no trace. This openness is all there is, whether you are arguing with your best friends, dreaming of sweet mangos, or sleeping so deeply that no thing is noticed. This openness is alive as everyone living and dying… Each chapter of this book presents a way to awaken as the bare openness you are, moment by moment, while you feast on erotic pleasure or endure bodily pain, while you are immersed in jealousy and cherishing your child’s smile. Every moment is a workable revelation of love’s relaxed yes, a languid exposure of your heart’s light, awake.

This book probes the underlying life choices that make us alive, loving, real, original and free, or clenched, lifeless copies holding fearfully to the illusion of security. Among the 39 themes are Love Fully and Die, Resist Nothing, Breathe Everything, Open While Failing, Express Who You Really Are, Unclench as if Asleep, Ravish Beyond Safety, Play Sexuality as Art, Open Deeper than Need, and Shine as Love’s Light.

If you learn to open the tender heart of your darker impulses, you will discover that their motive is actually for deeper love, trust, and openness.


The point is not to arouse each other or get absorbed in excitement, but to learn to feel your lover’s depth while freely incarnating all emotions.

“Ancient wisdom on sacred sexuality, freed of historical and cultural trappings, glows from these pages in exhilarating, luminous prose. Deida brilliantly lays bare the hidden psychology of feminine and masculine and offers clear instructions, grounded in Buddhist teachings, for tapping into our deepest core and achieving true harmony through sexual intimacy.” —Miranda Shaw, author of Passionate Enlightenment: Women in Tantric Buddhism

Publisher’s Description: 

You are deeper than your life shows, and you know it. You are more loving than your relationships allow, more brilliant than your career suggests. In your secret depth of being, you are infinite, creative, boundless-and utterly unable to press your full glory into the world. Or so it seems.

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