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Discovering Your Body's Intelligence for Lifelong Health and Healing
Hardcover Book
Rodale Books
December, 2016
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Are you tired? Do get regular headaches, backaches, or pelvic discomfort? Do you get depressed or anxious? Do you have allergies, rashes, or digestive issues? Have you lost your sex drive? If yes, you may be like 75% of Dr. Rachel Abrams's patients who suffer from Chronic Body Depletion. Of the five primary characteristics of this condition-fatigue, chronic pain, depression and anxiety, allergies and autoimmune issues, and libido loss-most patients experience at least three in some form, and come to Dr. Abrams's integrative practice worried that they may never feel well again. BodyWise presents an integrative approach, complete with a practical 28-day plan, that balances conventional medicine, wellness practices, and your own intuition to heal your body physically and emotionally. Dr. Abrams explains that these symptoms, uncomfortable as they may be, are a sign of the body's intelligence. Our bodies are trying to communicate with us, but we have lost the tools to listen. BodyWise teaches women to understand the natural wisdom of the body and to cultivate body intelligence in the five fundamentals of health: eating, sleeping, moving, loving, and finding purpose. Written with the wisdom of a top physician but the warmth and humor of a girlfriend, BodyWise is a life-changing work that delivers hope, knowledge, and new strategies for staying healthy while doing it all.

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