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The Bond

How to Fix Your Falling-Down World
Paperback Book
Free Press
June, 2012
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Here the author of the bestsellers The Field and The Intention Experiment uses the interconnectedness of mind and matter to demonstrate that the key to life is in the relationship between things.

We are always connected with others, hardwired at our most elemental level—from the quantum level to the cellular, from personal relationships to business and societal structures. This view is at the core of Lynne McTaggart’s The Bond, the fruit of her extensive research with frontier scientists working in a broad range of fields. The world essentially operates through relationships: within the space between things. The essential impulse of all of life is a will to connect.

Her discussion of the Bond encompasses quantum physics, genetics, evolutionary biology, neuroscience, astronomy, sociology, psychology, and a host of other disciplines. She provides ample and fascinating examples of “holistic,” altruistic, and uplifting behaviors in the hugely diverse body of anecdotes she provides.

The Bond brilliantly reveals the essence of who we are, backed by rigorous new science and expressed with clarity and power. McTaggart is a visionary and an extraordinary scholar of the heart. In this seminal book, she communicates a life-altering message that has the power to transform the way we see ourselves and therefore the way we see the world.” —Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money

“There is something on every page of this book to make you jump for joy. Rarely does a book so tell it like it is.” —Marianne Williamson, author of The Gift of Change

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Our way of life isnt working anymore. People are losing their jobs, their homes, their neighborhoodsand even their hope for a just society. We urgently need a new story to live by, based on fairnessnot simply on the accumulation of wealth and survival of the fittest.

The Bond offers a radical new blueprint for living a more harmonious, prosperous, and connected life. International bestselling author Lynne McTaggart demonstrates with hard science that we are living contrary to our true nature.

In fact, life doesnt have to be I win, you lose; we have been designed to succeed and prosper when we work as part of a greater whole. The Bond proves that we are weak when we compete, and thrive only when we cooperate and connect deeply with each other.

In this seminal book for our age, McTaggart also offers a complete program of practical tools and exercises to help you enjoy closer relationshipsacross even the deepest dividesencourage a more connected workplace, rebuild a united neighborhood, and become a powerful, global agent of change.

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