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Bone, Breath, And Gesture

Practices of Embodiment—Volume I
Paperback Book
North Atlantic
July, 1995
$29.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

This “jeweller’s eye” book—the first of a projected 3 volume series—is a collection of writings, lectures and interviews on principles and techniques by the pioneers of bodywork and body awareness disciplines. Together, they represent—in the voices of the pioneers themselves—a historical record of the field of bodywork/somatics, a school of thought that seeks to reconnect the self with the body through sophisticated techniques of breathing, movement, sensory awareness, and touch.

The unique contribution of the people in this volume is to have developed practical strategies for effecting a return to the healing intelligence of the body . . . these somatics innovators have challenged the dominant models of exercise, manipulation, and self-awareness as alienating people from their bodies. They have developed alternative ways of moving, touching, and being aware that bring us closer to the wisdom inherent in the ancient structures of collagen, nerve fibre, and cerebrospinal fluid.

Among the pioneers whose words are in this book are Elsa Gindler, Charlotte Selver, Marion Rosen, F.M. Alexander, Moshe Feldenkrais, Ida Rolf, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Mary Whitehouse, Emilie Conrad Da’Oud, Thomas Hanna, and Dean Juhan. Don Johnson, director of the Somatics graduate program at the California Institute of Integral Studies, introduces, contextualizes, and weaves these seminal pieces together with skill, a deep grasp of the long history of these embodiment practices, and a passion for ending the widespread “savaging of the flesh” so widespread but rarely discussed in the world today.

To clean up such an atmosphere we need a strong public voice on behalf of the sensitivity of flesh, the sacredness of nature, the importance of health and affection over religious and political ideologies and over stark greed.

Publisher’s Description: 

This book is a collection of writings on principles and techniques by the pioneers of bodywork and body awareness disciplines. Together, they represent a historical record of the field of somatics. Ranging from hands-on workers like Ida Rolf to phenomenologist Elizabeth Behnke, their lives span this century. In these lectures, writings, and interviews, editor Don Hanlon Johnson has sought to revel the unbroken lineage, theoretical differences, and major similarities of these originators.

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