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The Book of No One

Talks and Dialogues on Non-duality and Liberation
Paperback Book
Non-Duality Press
April, 2008
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In The Book of No One - Talks And Dialogues On Non-Duality and Liberation, Richard Sylvester continues to communicate the radical and uncompromising view of non-duality expressed in his first book I Hope You Die Soon. He answers many questions about the nature of non-duality, liberation and enlightenment with clarity and humour.

"Richard's new book is again a clear and uncompromising non-dual communication. He brings his own particular flavour to the delivery of his radical message" —Tony Parsons, author of The Open Secret

Richard Sylvester is a humanistic psychologist, therapist and lecturer. For thirty years he engaged with a variety of spiritual practices while also training in psychotherapeutic techniques and teaching counseling.

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