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The Book of Rounds

21 Songs of Grace
Music CD
Sounds True
October, 2015
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With The Book of Rounds, October Project offers a truly “medicinal” album to comfort, heal, and awaken listeners. Originally composed as “modern mantras” or plainchants for listening or joining in, these contemplative rounds, voiced a cappella, return us to the spiritual origins of all song—the merging of words and music among kindred souls, to illuminate and elevate.

There has never been an album quite like this… lyrics that offer a new vocabulary of mantra—in English… Each round is a fugue of positive messages created to invoke a feeling of well-being in those who listen to, sing, or speak them. The music lifts the words beyond their ordinary meanings into an enveloping experience that is poetic and universal. The rounds are both an expansive and intimate embrace of sound and meaning, offering messages that are revelations of what’s best in ourselves and in others

Using simple, prayer-like language, the rounds are essentially positive mantras that cascade, circle, and relate in the same way the melodies do. The words create layers of affirmation that envelop the participant and offer a compelling journey of transformation and self-reflection. With every repetition, each lyric begins to acquire different shades of meaning, shifting the mind and heart of the listener.

Performed beautifully here by a choir specially created for this album, including members of the band, these tracks evoke the felt experiences of grace, shelter, hope amidst darkness, joy, renewal, and more. The lyrics are indeed “modern mantra or prayer”, poetic rounds which, listened to fully (the lyrics are clear), can open mind and deepen heart in extraordinary contemplative beauty. These simple, repeated rounds layered with vocal harmonies can touch your highest state of consciousness—in fact, they may take you higher still.

October Project is best known for the albums October Project and Falling Farther In and includes here members Julie Flanders, Marina Belica, and Emil Adler. For more info:

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