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Books of the Dead

Paperback Book
Thames and Hudson
November, 2013
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From a pioneer in consciousness studies comes this beautiful visual volume in the Art and Imagination Series. The art of dying and the posthumous journey of the soul have been described and depicted in many cultures. “Dying before dying,” or practice in dying, has been sought throughout history, not just to overcome fear and give help at the moment of death, but to renew and upgrade the quality of our life.

Stanislav Grof considers some of the most striking and important of the so-called “books of the dead:” ancient Egyptian funerary texts; the Tibetan Bardo Thödol; Maya and Aztec myths of the death and rebirth of the Hero Twins and the Plumed Serpent, Quetzalcoatl. From Europe come Christian visions of the soul’s journey, the danses macabres, and imagery of mortal decay that recalls Tibetan practices. The colour images are deeply evocative.

These “books of the dead” seem to be accurate descriptions of the experiential territories traversed in non-ordinary states of consciousness. They are often based on countless personal experiences and on many centuries of careful observations. Experiential confrontation and knowledge of the realms they describe is a matter of extreme relevance, since the degree to which we become familiar and comfortable with them can have far-reaching consequences for the quality of our life, as well as for the way we die.

Among Stan Grof’s many other books are Holotropic Breathwork and The Ultimate Journey: Consciousness and the Mystery of Death.

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