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Boundaries And Relationships

Knowing, Protecting and Enjoying the Self
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Paperback Book
Health Communications
March, 1994
$13.95 CAD
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Whitfield’s earlier books Healing the Child Within and A Gift to Myself have bee npopular milestones in recovery literature. In his new book, physician and psychotherapist Whitfield explores healthy and unhealthy relationships and personal boundaries. Bringing together the most useful theories and dynamics from several disciplines in a concise, easily understandable style, he suggests ways to apply this practical knowledge right now and take action to improve our relationships.

This comprehensive book opens with clear definitions and descriptions of boundaries and a self-assessment survey. It then describes ten essential types of human interaction in which relationships can be improved.

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More than personal boundaries, this book is really about relationships--healthy and unhealthy ones. Here bestselling author and psychotherapist Charles Whitfield blends theories and dynamics from several disciplines into practical knowledge and actions that your can use in your relationships right now.

This comprehensive book opens with clear definitions and descriptions of boundaries, a self-assessment survey and a history of our accumulated knowledge. Going deeper, it describes the 10 essential areas of human interaction wherein you can improve your relationships. These include age regression, giving and receiving (projection and projective identification), triangles, core recovery issues, basic dynamics, unfinished business and spirituality. It shows in countless practical ways how knowledge of each of these is most useful in your recovery and everyday life.

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