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Brain Training with the Buddha

A Modern Path to Insight Based on the Ancient Foundations of Mindfulness
Paperback Book
The Experiment
January, 2020
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Train your mind for tranquility and focus with this fresh, secular guide to mindfulness using the Buddhas original teachings

Eric Harrison is not a Buddhistnor is he even religious. But his lifelong mindfulness practice is rooted in the Satipatthana Suttathe Buddhas original text on how to meditate. Harrison realized that the clearly defined steps in the sutta, even without their spiritual context, amount to a brain-training program anyone can follow. As the Buddha puts it: The systematic four-stage training of attention is the only way to Enlightenment.

Nowinformed by a lifetime spent teaching tens of thousands to meditateHarrison offers an updated, modern English translation of the sutta and lucid guidance on how to apply it. This accessible work is for anyone interested in their mind, body, and life overallno background in Buddhism required.

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