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Breast Cancer, Breast Health

The Wise Woman Way
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Paperback Book
Ash Tree
January, 1996
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This outstanding guide is informative, knowledgeable, and encouraging reading for women who want to maintain breast health as well as for women diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s a perfect antidote to the fear that surrounds breast cancer, and it’s a powerful book with a lot of soul.

Among the many topics explored are: lifestyle factors in the prevention of breast cancer; nutritional influences; breast self-massage and self-exams; building immunity; mammograms (who needs them?); breast cancer options (including surgery, tamoxifen, radiation therapy, chemotherapy; and a materia medica of herbal allies.

“How can it be that our breasts, these beautiful centers of nurturing, fullness, and pleasure, are looked upon by so many as inadequate at best, or breeding grounds for cancer, pain, and fear at worst? In what kind of culture can this happen? A culture that has been out of touch with women’s wisdom for too long....

But what if each of us were to remember her woman’s wisdom? What if we remembered that every cell of our breasts could be nurtured and rejuvenated and healed by the energies of touch, pleasure, love, whole food, and green healing plants? What if we collectively discovered that our healer within has never gone away, that she has simply waited, biding her time until it was safe to come out and speak her truth?...

She is the voice of the heart, the same voice whose energy heals our breasts, regardless of their current state of health. Her voice sings on every page of this magnificent book.” —Christiane Northrup, M.D., from the foreword

Perhaps breast cancer can bring us together, can unite our voices into a chant that vibrates with respect for women, for our breasts, and for the Earth’s sweet breast. Perhaps our solitary grief and our public wailing will stop the poisoning of our bodies and our planet. Perhaps we will find a song that will ease our way through chaos and cancer and into the depths of our selves. Perhaps the act of considering, even for a moment, that cancer can be an ally of wholeness will help us nurture health/wholeness/holiness inside and out, healing the Earth as we heal ourselves. This is the Wise Woman Way the world ‘round.

“I was touched, moved, and empowered as I read each page of this extraordinary book. It is not only the most informative book I’ve found on the topic, but truly the most inspiring.” —Rosemary Gladstar, author of Herbal Healing for Women

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For women who want to maintain breast health: Lifestyle choices that cut your risk of breast cancer by half; Great-tasting foods that are proven cancer preventatives; The best way to build powerful immunity; Breast massage with herbal oils for early detection; If you find a lump--what to do before you call the doctor. With women diagnosed with breast cancer: Complementary medicines to help you avoid side effects from surgery, tamoxifen, chemotherapy, and radiation; Alternative treatments you should avoid; non-invasive ways to prevent recurrence. Join the quarter of a million women who have already helped themselves with simple, safe wise women ways.

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