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Brown Bohemians

Honoring the Light and Magic of Our Creative Community
Hardcover Book
powerHouse Books
September, 2019
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Brown Bohemians is a photo book that captures the essence and stories of an otherwise underrepresented demographic. It seeks to reclaim the authors' validity as bohemians in a world where when one hears that label, brownness and blackness isn't necessarily the imagery it evokes.

They too are stewards of the environment, farmers, gardeners, explorers, creatives, intellectual souls, and individuals striving to evolve spiritually. Inspired by their own lifestyles, Brown Bohemians showcases what they have personally and spiritually experienced as creative people of color. Each of their stories are unique yet add to the collective narratives of rebuilding communities physically and emotionally after colonialism, loving self inspite of exclusive beauty standards, embracing uniqueness in the face of narrowed media representation, and honoring their creative contributions even when minimized and at times mocked by mainstream society. Brown Bohemians seeks to showcase and affirm the creative spirit that needs to see this.

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