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The Byzantine Tarot

Wisdom from an Ancient Empire
Tarot + Oracle Card Set
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.
October, 2020
$48.99 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

The first deck of its kind to explore long-misunderstood aspects of this rich world,The Byzantine Tarotuncovers
new layers of wisdom and meaning to thrill Tarot users the world over
and guide us in our lives today. Drawing upon the rich heritage of art,
lore, and the complex courtly world of the Byzantine Empire, this
glittering new Tarot reflects the extraordinary artistic style that
flourished under the rule of the Byzantine emperors. Featuring a
dazzling array of images depicting emperors and empresses, court
officials, saints, and sinners, the deck faithfully echoes the
iconography of the Byzantine world, drawing the reader in with its
mysterious resonance.

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