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Call Of The Trees

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Paperback Book
Lorian Press
March, 2006
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Dorothy Maclean is one of the three founders of the Findhorn Community in Scotland. Following her inner contact with the Divine she came to communicate with the devic or angelic realms that over-light all aspects of existence. This helped Findhorn’s legendary gardens bloom on most unpromising soil.

The Call of the Trees speaks to the heart of a living relationship between man and nature. In it Dorothy chronicles messages she received from the trees inviting the cooperation with humanity that is necessary to accomplish their vital work on this planet. It includes several beautiful black and white photos.

These extraordinary tree messages call us to wake up from our self-absorption and to remember who we really are. Like elders encouraging a young adult to grow up and come into its maturity, the trees urge us to evolve a new relationship with nature.

We can learn that the trees are not only the guardians, but also the skin of the earth. Nature is not a blind crude force but an intelligent presence that is not only able but eager to communicate and cooperate with an awakened humanity. The trees are calling us home to ourselves and to the work of restoring our planet.

We honor Dorothy for her pioneering life work of sharing these profound messages with people all around the world.

 Each one of us has the capacity to tune into these angelic realms. As they put it to me: “Just tune into nature until you feel the love flow. This is your arrow into the deva world. It does not matter if there is a message or not, it is the state which counts. Always it is your state that the nature world responds to, not what you say, not what you do, but what you are.”

Also by Dorothy Maclean is To Hear the Angels Sing.

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This book speaks to the heart of a living relationship between man and nature. In it Dorothy Maclean chronicles messages from the trees asking for support to accomplish their vital work. It includes several beautiful black and white photos. It includes a forward by St. Barbe Baker.

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