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The Cannabis Compass

Turning Medical Marijuana into Precision Medicine
Paperback Book
Quick Trading Company
July, 2018
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Medical cannabis is used by millions to treat conditions ranging from Crohn's Disease to anxiety and depression. Yet the majority of patients have access to relatively few sources of reputable information on cannabis treatment options.

Once these self-educated patients secure a medical recommendation and enter a dispensary, they quickly find the current system for conveying the effects of cannabis is woefully imprecise and inadequate. Cannabis medicines vary significantly in concentrations, ratios, and the sum total of ingredients, making it a challenge for patients and caregivers to select the medicine that is right for them.

In his new book The Cannabis Compass, noted author and researcher Uwe Blesching, presents a solution to these challenges by creating a precise and therapeutically effective system for patients to fine tune their medicine. Bleaching's unique chemotype-based system takes into account THC: CBD ratios, the various forms of cannabis medicine, and subjective therapeutic dosages, presenting a complete evidence-based methodology.

The Cannabis Compass fills a critical missing piece in the literature on cannabis healing, providing the resources readers need to navigate through the alphabet of plant components (CBD, THC, CBN) and terpenes (the plant's odor molecules) that enhance its effects. Bleaching's previous book, the Cannabis Health Index is a classic in the field of cannabis research, reporting exhaustively on over 100 health conditions. The Cannabis Compass however, is geared toward a general reader--not only providing an evidence-based methodology for calculating dosage, but exploring in depth, the top 10 most reported health conditions where cannabis has been scientifically proven to be effective.

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