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Catching The Thread

Sufism, Dreamwork, and Jungian Psychology
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Paperback Book
Golden Sufi
June, 1998
$19.95 CAD
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Many authors have interpreted Jung’s works in the context of spirituality, but few begin with the mystical experience and use psychological concepts to give form and weight to internal goings-on. This re-edited version of The Call and the Echo incorporates an additional 100 pages or so of important material from the author’s first book, The Lover and the Serpent, to create a model for understanding inner transformation that is accessible to Western minds.

From the transformative darkness of the shadow, Vaughan-Lee takes us into the love affair with the inner partner, and then further, into the archetypal realm and the symbolic dimension of the Self. He helps us understand the language of alchemy and shows how, at every step, dreams guide us inward, towards our true Beloved.

He explores the psychological dynamics of the relationships with the teacher, so often misunderstood in the West, and then describes what is hardly mentioned in the great spiritual literature of the world: how the soul of the disciple merges with the soul of the teacher. Finally, the journey leads to the state of spiritual poverty—the inner emptiness where lover and Beloved unite.

While some dreams can be understood from a purely psychological standpoint, seekers often have dreams that require a spiritual context, an understanding of the nature of the journey that leads to love’s infinite ocean. Some dreams not only have a personal meaning to the dreamer but, like myths or fairy tales, tell us about the archetypal nature of this quest. As with the Sufi stories of old, discussing these dreams can help us to become familiar with the mysterious ways of the heart and help us to find and follow the almost invisible thread that leads us home.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, a student of Irina Tweedie, has followed the Naqshbandi Sufi path since 1972. Among his other books are The Face Before I Was Born and In the Company of Friends.

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