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Tree of Life to the Northwest Coast Indians
Paperback Book
Douglas & MacIntyre
March, 1995
$29.95 CAD
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Now in paperback. From the giant cedars of the temperate rainforest came a wealth of raw materials vital to the way of life, art and culture of the early First Nations people of the Northwest coast. They had a major woodworking industry and used wood to make ocean-going canoes, massive post-and-beam houses, monumental carved poles to declare their history, rights and lineage, and powerful dance masks to evoke the spirit world.

Hilary Stewart explains, through her vivid descriptions, 550 detailed drawings and 50 photographs, the tools and techniques used, as well as the superbly crafted objects and their uses—all in the context of daily and ceremonial life.

Anecdotes, oral history, and the accounts of early explorers, traders, and missionaries highlight the text.

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