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Changing the Climate with the Seeds We Sow

Paperback Book
Watershed Sentinel Books
February, 2020
$15.00 CAD
Banyen's Description: 


In all the talk about climate change, rarely mentioned is the huge part played by agriculture. Now more than ever, we need to build community-level capacity to grow nutritious food in a climate-friendly way.

In this inspiring and visually beautiful volume, seed expert Dan Jason profiles twenty-one nutritious, energizing, time-tested, earth-friendly and beautiful plants to enhance home- and community-scale agriculture, and challenge a chemical-industrial farming system reliant on fossil fuel inputs. These often-overlooked, easy-to-grow, and soil-enhancing plants are small powerhouses with huge potential to add nutrient value to home food gardens and help to create secure local food systems.

This book is about some champions of the plant world that deserve to be better known and better grown. In North America, we are far from understanding the wealth they have to offer. If we change our attitudes and relationships to them, they can change us back to health and hope…


We are the climate! As humans, we can choose to not wage war against nature. We can opt for a more benign and sustainable agriculture; such as communities around the world have been practicing for countless generations.

Changing the Climate with the Seeds We Sow  features beautiful watercolour illustrations by award-winning artist Lyn Alice.

Changing the Climate with the Seeds We Sow is a concise and inspiring aid to honing our food choices to support health in ourselves, our communities and the environment. It would be an ideal gift for an adventurous and ecologically mindful home gardener and anyone keen to make wise food choices.” —Helen Chesnut’s Garden Notes,Vancouver Courier

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And most useful of all, Dan’s Salt Spring Seeds offers his own-grown organic seeds for all these key crops and many more, most of them unique cultivars with great history, nutrition, and strength. Check out

Publisher’s Description: 

Beautifully illustrated by Lyn Alice. The plants in this book are nutritious, energizing, time-tested, earth-friendly and beautiful. Despite such a powerful heritage of plant-based foods, we have chosen to produce, process and transport what we eat in ways that create planetary upheaval and destruction. As individuals and community, we can help change a suicidal system by making conscious food choices every day. We can indeed change the climate on the earth with the seeds we sow.

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