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Chime Aloha Solar Light Natural

Sound Healing + Musical Instruments
May, 2020
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The Aloha Solar Chime incorporates a solar light that automatically comes on when the sun goes down. This chime is musically tuned with inspiring notes to uplift your spirit and ease your mind. The chime's design was inspired by the island paradise of Hawaii, where beautiful sunny days are strung together like the flowers on a lei and the people are known for being warm and friendly. Aloha is a popular way to say hello, goodbye and love. On a deeper level it's connected to the energy and power of the Aloha Spirit. The loving use of this incredible power is the secret to attaining health, happiness and prosperity.

  • Dimensions: 28 in. Overall Length
  • Materials: Solar-powered light, bamboo sleeve and windcatcher, ash wood top and clapper, 4 silver aluminum tubes

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