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Choices Of Love

Paperback Book
Lindisfarne Press
June, 1998
$23.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Ever since her early days at the Findhorn community in Scotland, Dorothy Maclean has been helping people attune to nature and connect with their inner divinity. In the first section of Choices of Love, Dorothy discusses the nature of love (used interchangeably with the Beloved, the sacred, wholeness, oneness, presence, etc.) and how to connect with it. Writing in a flowing anecdotal style, Maclean talks in depth about “The Beloved,” “Polarities and Choices,” and “Love’s Qualities.”

In the second section of the book she speaks about soul contact with various parts of creation including the souls of nature, cities, countries and psychic dimensions. Also discussed are blocks to understanding, the nature of good and evil, and the relevance of the angelic world of nature. Each chapter ends with a suggested exercise that will help the reader connect with the love of God through the various life forms in the world. The simple meditation technique so beautifully shared will help to enhance the reader’s experience of the universe.

A state of meditation is one way to make the inner connection, as suggested in the exercises given at the end of each chapter. Meditation can be the start of a deep communication and sharing with many realms within ourselves and others, and an aid to becoming more loving.

This book is about recognizing and realizing the transforming power of love, love not as the mushy sentiment that many believe it to be, but as the great source and power behind all life. Love is within all of us, open to all of us, often untapped.


We can look at an ugly boot with love, and it becomes beautiful.... If we look at ourselves with love, what a relief! We can glory in the attitude to being pliant to softness; it has taken eons for life to become more and more sensitive, to honor the delicate. Now we can love.


We are being called to rouse ourselves, to awaken the sensitivity to respond to the very structure of reality, which will align us with the unfolding of the Earth’s process. The uncovering of the soul is the discovery of God, revealing our wholeness, our intelligence, all life’s creative core.

Also available from Dorothy Maclean is To Hear the Angels Sing.

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