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Color Harmony for Artists

How to Transform Inspiration into Beautiful Watercolor Palettes and Paintings
Paperback Book
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December, 2019
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Explore and create expressive palettes and paintings withColor Harmony for Artists.

Watercolor author, artist, and teacher Ana Victoria Calderon guides you through choosing, mixing, and using color with watercolor and mixed mediato create the most expressive and appealing combinations and effects for a wide range of moods and subjects. You'll explore a variety of subjects and themes,including flowers, foliage, landscapes, skies, cities, figures, art movements, and historical eras.

  • Begin with a quick overview of the basics of color, color mixing, and mixed media.
  • Explore a variety of color and media combinations, including brilliant brights, muted neutrals, high-contrast complements, and special effects.
  • Find inspirationin evocative photos, abundant palettes, and beautiful paintings.

With Color Harmony for Artists, every artist, from beginner to advanced, will be inspired to embrace the creative possibilities of color and paint!

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