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Comfortable with Uncertainty

108 Teachings on Cultivating Fearlessness and Compassion
Paperback Book
March, 2018
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Banyen's Description: 

In Comfortable with Uncertainty, Tibetan Buddhist nun Pema Chödrön, author of the bestseller When Things Fall Apart, offers short, stand-alone readings designed to help us cultivate compassion and awareness amid the challenges of daily living. This progressive program of spiritual study, which leads the reader through essential concepts, themes, and practices on the Buddhist path, is inspired by the Buddhist tradition of the 108-day retreat.

As the editor, Emily Hilburn Sell, writes, “They are 108 pith instructions on leading our lives in the spirit of Mahayana Buddhism. Mahayana means the 'greater vehicle,' the path that gradually leads us out of our cramped world of self-preoccupation into the greater world of fellowship with all human beings. The teachings selected here give a glimpse of the Mahayana vision, a taste of the meditation practices it offers, and hints on carrying the vision and meditation into every day life… Learning to rest in open-hearted basic goodness is a life-long process. These teachings offer gentle and precise techniques to help us along the way.”

Ordinarily we are swept away by habitual momentum. We don’t interrupt our patterns even slightly. With practice, however, we learn to stay with a broken heart, with a nameless fear, with the desire for revenge. Sticking with uncertainty is how we learn to relax in the midst of chaos, how we learn to be cool when the ground beneath us suddenly disappears. We can bring ourselves back to the spiritual path countless times every day simply by exercising our willingness to rest in the uncertainty of the present moment—over and over again.

Offering pithy and stirring passages from previous books by Pema Chödrön, Comfortable with Uncertainty does not assume prior knowledge of Buddhist thought or practice, making it a perfect introduction to her teachings, exploring topics such as loving-kindness, meditation, mindfulness, “now-ness,” letting go, and working with fear and other painful emotions.

Among Pema Chödrön’s other books are Tonglen: The Path of Transformation and The Wisdom of No Escape.


Publisher’s Description: 

108 practical teachings for cultivating mindfulness and compassion in the face of fear and uncertainty.

These are essential teachings for developing compassion and clarity amid the anxieties and hardships of real life. Collecting some of the most powerful passages from Pema Chodron's many beloved books, this compact handbook for spiritual practice is rich with inspiration and insight. Here she explores life-changing concepts, themes, and practices from the Buddhist tradition, showing how anyone (not just Buddhists) can draw from them to become more courageous, aware, and kindhearted. It includes the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, letting go of the fixations that weigh us down, working directly with fear and other painful emotions, and much more. With these teachings, Pema lays the groundwork for how we can start to overcome the habitual patterns that so often hinder compassion for ourselves and othersand that hold us back from embracing our lives joyfully and fearlessly. To anyone who ever wanted to experience true freedom, these teachings are a shining light on the path.

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