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Coming Home To Myself

Reflections for Nurturing a Woman's Body & Soul
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Paperback Book
April, 2001
$27.95 CAD
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Over half a million readers have found sustenance in Marion Woodman’s books, such as Addiction to Perfection and Leaving My Father’s House. In Coming Home to Myself, Jill Mellick, author of The Natural Artistry of Dreams and a longtime colleague, takes selected writings and recordings by her mentor, Woodman, and crafts them with a poet’s eye into 365 meditations for body and soul. Many are classic Woodman redesigned for daily contemplation; others have never been in print before. Organized by themes in chapters entitled “Pefectionism,” “Conscious Femininity,” “Finding One’s Own Voice,” “Integrating Masculine Energies,” “Trusting the Mystery,” and “Finding Meaning in Darkness” (among many others), Coming Home to Myself is essential medicine for women seeking to free themselves from unconscious patterns and move ahead on their psycho-spiritual journeys.

What a relief to be human

Instead of the god or goddess

My parents imagined me to be

Or I imagined them.


Whatever their outcome,

the profound relationships in our lives

give us the riches of loving.

That wealth is the only wealth

That means anything in the end.


Life is a continual attempt

to balance yin and yang.

The further we move toward radiance,

the blacker the energy that gathers

behind our back.

The more we force ourselves

to perfect our ideal image of ourselves,

the more overflowing toilet bowls

we shall have in our dreams.

“Opens us to the feminine field of wholeness. This book serves as a comprehensive travel guide to this extraordinary territory, which can be traversed by both men and women. It is both street wise and soul wise, worth keeping by your bedside.” —Michael Toms, co-author of True Work

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Half a million readers have found substance and sustenance in Marion Woodman's previous landmark works such as Addiction to Perfection and Leaving My Father's House. Now, even more readers will have access to Woodman's brilliant insights through this volume, in which 365 of her core teachings have been formatted for daily contemplation. he result is a series of sacred reminders to help readers connect to their feminine essence and gain a higher vision for the day. With chapter introductions, watercolors, and selections by Jill Mellick, Coming Home to Myself helps women connect to their feminine essence.
Mellick has crafted selections from Marion Woodman’s inspirational writings into 365 daily meditations. With 32 watercolors as chapter openers, the book is organized by theme and helps women free themselves from thoughts and behavior that impede their spiritual progress.

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