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Communicating with Allah

Rediscovering Prayer (Salah)
Paperback Book
Kube Publishing Ltd.
October, 2018
$14.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Muslims are required to pray five times a day, but for too many

of us these are little more than physical movements devoid of any

spirit or divine connection? In contrast, the Prophet characterised prayer as the spiritual ascent

(mi'raj) of the believer. In a modern world of constant distraction,

how are we to achieve the communion with the Divine that prayer is

supposed to be? How can we reach the state of the Prophet who would

ask his Companion Bilal to give the callto prayer with the expression:

Give us repose through it, O Bilal.

The present short but valuable work provides us with the answer.

Dr Bassam Saeh, a scholar of the Arabic language, casts a refreshing

new perspective on prayer in the modern context. With practical

examples, and in contemporary idiom, he charts a path for the

seeker of Gods pleasure to attain a deeper sense of consciousness

and devotion in prayer. The short chapters of this work are designed

to be read and reread as constant reminders for us to renew our

commitment tothe Divine in our prayer.

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