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Communion with God

Paperback Book
October, 2002
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Banyen's Description: 

Even people who are in jail cells or in sick beds, completely isolated from others, can change their outer experience by altering their inner reality. This can be done through communion with God, the very experience to which this book is leading you.

Neale Donald Walsch has changed the way millions of people think about God. His bestselling books have been translated into twenty-five languages. First there was Conversations with God, which took Volumes One, Two, and Three to complete. Then we got a little more friendly with Friendship with God. And now we have Communion with God, in which he discovers how to elevate that friendship to a state of communion. In this blueprint for seekers, the first section reveals The Ten Illusions of Man—the misconceptions we hold about ourselves and our world and our God. He describes with striking clarity how we might heal the great divide that has arisen from these illusions. And as he explores the true meaning of bringing God into our everyday lives, of having the courage of our convictions, Walsch shows us that we can only break free from our illusions when we act always from a place of deep fellowship with all that is holy—a place of communion with God.

Parts two and three are “Mastering the Illusions” and “Meeting the Creator Within.”

Do not believe anything you find here.


Simply know.

Know if any of this is your truth. If it is, it will ring true—for you will have been reunited with your innermost wisdom. If it is not, you will know that, too—once again from having been reunited with your innermost wisdom. In either event, you will have benefited enormously, for you will have experienced, in that moment of reunification, your own communion with God.



Also by Neale Donald Walsch is The New Revelations.



Publisher’s Description: 

Walsch’s best-selling Conversations with God strengthened and deepened into Friendship with God. Now, in their most richly intimate collaboration yet, he discovers that their relationship can evolve even further. God reveals the Ten Illusions of Man - misconceptions about ourselves, our world and our Creator - and how to heal the resulting division. We can only break free of our illusions, it seems, when we act from a place of deep communion with all that is holy.

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