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The Complete Guide To Joseph H. Pilates' Techniques Of Physical Conditioning

With Special Help for Back Pain and Sports Training
Paperback Book
Hunter House
May, 2004
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Pilates is enjoying a surge in popularity as more people discover how it improves strength, muscle tone, flexibility, and stamina; relieves joint and back pain; and reduces stress. The method, created by Joseph Pilates, is based on strengthening core muscles while increasing the flexibility of the supporting muscle groups. This book details Pilates’ original floor program, with newly revised descriptions and step-by-step photos of the exercises.

This second edition contains information on daily living patterns that can disrupt the body’s biomechanics; back-strengthening routines for sports like golf, tennis, and racquetball; exercises for computer users—upper back, neck, and shoulder routines; more advanced versions of the original exercises; and the stamina stretch, to increase breathing capacity and support abdominals before each exercise. In addition, the book offers an introduction to the history and philosophy of the Pilates system, information specifically for athletes, a chapter addressing pain relief, and helpful illustrations and worksheets.

Joseph Pilates devised his unique conditioning program after looking at various forms of yoga, ballet, and martial arts, the movements of animals, and strengthening programs. He then came up with a program that was simple in its theory and effective in its execution.

The exercises described in this book have been refined and enhanced over a period of fifteen years… It has been carefully designed, in various levels, for those ranging from basic to advanced, from injured to supremely fit, of any age and of any ability.

Pilates is a safe, no-impact exercise routine that stretches and strengthens all the major muscle groups in a logical sequence, without neglecting the smaller, weaker muscles. It can be customized for the individual requirements of any body.



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