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The Complete Reiki Handbook

Basic Introduction and Methods of Natural Application. A Complete Guide for Reiki Practice
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Paperback Book
Lotus Light Publications
April, 1998
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A wonderful tool for adjustment to the changes inherent in the new age. The author’s style of natural simplicity wonderfully complements this basic method for accessing universal life energy.

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The Reiki Handbook describes comprehensively the secrets and possible uses of the healing force of Reiki. It is an introductory as well as precise and detailed text book for the initiated Reiki practitioner. The author, Walter Lubeck, describes the path of healing love, revealing the possibilities as well as limitations of Reiki application and explains the meaning of various procedures in Reiki whole body treatment. The Reiki positions are presented in sensitive, clear illustrations, and their effects on the organism and the subtle energy system (chakras) are described in detail.

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