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The Complete Vegan Cookbook

150 Whole Food Plant-Based Recipes and Techniques
Hardcover Book
Ten Speed Press
April, 2019
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From the leading health-focused culinary school comes a comprehensive natural foods bible that shares forty years' worth of tools and techniques for more than 150 health-supportive recipes.

In its forty-year history, Natural Gourmet has trained many natural food chefs in the art of healthy cooking. Their curriculum emphasizes local ingredients and the philosophy of using food as medicine. Now, in their very first cookbook, Natural Gourmet reveals how to utilize whole seasonal ingredients in creative and delicious ways. You'll learn about methods for sourcing sustainable ingredients, principles of nutrition, and much more. Every recipe is perfect for anybody wanting to eat a little healthier, whether to adhere to a specific diet, to do better for the earth, or just to feel better.

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