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The Conference of the Birds

A Sufi Fable
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Paperback Book
March, 2005
$22.00 CAD
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One of the most beloved Sufi tales—a long mystical poem, actually, here translated in rhyming couplets—is back in print again. This is a new translation of the great Sufi poem—a fable composed of many delightful and amusing tales-within-a-tale that serves as an allegory of the soul’s journey to union with God. It opens when all the birds of the world gather to begin the search for an ideal king. What follows is a marvellous allegorical rendering of Sufism—expounded here in tales that are often riddling and sometimes obscure, but full of incident and suspense, character sketches and vignettes.

The poem puts into words themes of love and the search for divine unity. Its author, the twelfth-century Persian poet and spiritual master Attar, is, along with Rumi, one of the most influential figures in Sufism, the mystical movement that arose from Islam.

“Attar, along with Chaucer and Dante, is a great genius of community, and how that involves the path toward enlightenment. We are these bird-beings searching for the source of what we are together.” —Coleman Barks, author of Open Secret: Versions of Rumi.

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