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Confessions of an Indigo Child

An In-Depth Guide to Awakening Your Infinity
Paperback Book
Indigo Light
April, 2019
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Confessions of An Indigo Child takes the reader through the incredible journey of the author, from adversity and downfall to a journey of self-discovery and connection to the infinite consciousness of the Universe. Alexander is a spiritual guide for the last decade and shares this amazing voyage, from skepticism, pain, and adversity to a radical awakening of the spirit, the ultimate revelation of Soul Purpose, and our connection to the Creator and the infinity of the Universe. This story takes place over the formative years and apprenticeship of the author as he assumes his role of spiritual teacher and channeler, taking us on his path through different countries and experiences with Spirit and the Source. Alexander unravels the Indigo Generation, the Ascension Process, and the global awakening that spans the last decade. This is a story of love, empowerment, and the affirmation of our infinity as a collective consciousness.

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