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Threads of Intuitive Wisdom
Paperback Book
Raven Records
September, 2014
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COINCIDENCE. MIRACLES. DIVINE INTERVENTION. WHAT MANY PEOPLE CONSIDER ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME OCCURENCES, EXPLAINS GABRIELLE ROTH, ARE ACTUALLY INTUITION. "Once you awaken your intuition and get in the habit of listening to and acting on it, every decision in your life will become reflective of your inner truth. You'll know what to do. You always have and you always will."

"She had a special place in her heart for this book - she felt that she really found her 'voice' in the writing of it. I can highly recommend reading it!" --Bettina Rothe, 5 Rhythms teacher

"Start reading and you will feel connected to the mystery of your soul and the beat of your heart. Connections takes you on a deeply authentic and inspiring journey to spiritual awakening through dance. It is the most direct, natural, and profound spiritual teachng for our time." — Margo Anand, author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy

Gabrielle Roth was a world renowned theater director, movement innovator, recording artist and best-selling author. Her award-winning recordings are on the cutting edge of trance/dance music, and her original form of ecstatic dance, the 5Rhythms, is taught by over 300 teachers around the globe.


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