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Conquer Your Stress with Mindbody Techniques

Paperback Book
Lotus Press
October, 2016
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"Kathy Gruver is her practical best as she tackles our culture of stress, its repercussions and how we each can reclaim our personal health to create a culture of well ness in our own lives. The steps Dr. Gruver itroduces to engage more fully in healthy conversations with ourselves is a simple yet powerful tome; one that will be a well-thumbed addition to my library."

                - Darya Bronston, Inventor of the CoreFitnessRoller and the CoreBody Reformer, Founder and CEO of Annovium Products

"This book emphasizes once again the important role of mind-body medicine as a tool in a number of conditions, first and foremost stress. It helps understand a variety of important factors in the healing process, such as the doctor-patient relationship, the positive therapeutic alliance, the power of words, attitudes and behaviors of health professionals. It reminds us that the patient must be both cured and cared for."

                - Fabrizio Benedetti, University of Turin Medical School, Author of Placebo Effects

"I love this book! I couldn't put it down because I relate to so much of it. I'm eager to change my old ways of dealing with stress."

                -Deborah Hutchison, Founder Gutsy Gals Inspire Me

"An enjoyable and applicable treatise on the many different techniques and methodologies in use today, and is punctuated throughout with her siganture style of insight, humor and examples. This is a must-have encyclopedia for anyone wishing to understand and apply mind and body healing."

                -Steven Brynoff, Traditional Naturopath

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