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Conversation Transformation

Recognize and Overcome the 6 Most Destructive Communication Patterns
Paperback Book
McGraw-Hill Companies,Inc.
February, 2012
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Repair communication breakdowns on the spot and drive positive results in every conversation

Failed conversations can take a heavy toll on our professional and personal lives, threatening to damage relationships, erode trust, and make it impossible to resolve conflicts, reach decisions, or achieve mutual understanding.

Conversation Transformation gives you practical guidelines for managing the six most common (and aggravating) conversation killers: yes-buts, mind-reads, negative predictions, leading questions, complaining, and verbal attacks. Each skill-building chapter guides you through a three-step process for replacing unconstructive habits with more effective responses:


Learn to recognize an ineffective communication pattern the instant it occurs


Use specific new strategies to turn the conversation in a better direction


Engage in repeated, structured practice to turn those actions into new habits

Praise for Conversation Transformation:

Devastatingly insightful . . . provides the practical coaching you need to change old habits and transform your interactions.
SHEILA HEEN and DOUGLAS STONE, bestselling authors of Difficult Conversations

An invaluable resource . . . filled with simple tools and fixes to improve communication skills, exactly the skills that can make us all more effective in politics, business, and life.

Practical, inspiring, and powerful. You will never look at your conversations the same way again.
SUZANNE BATES, bestselling author of Speak Like a CEO and Discover Your CEO Brand

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