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Conversations With Seth

Book 1
Paperback Book
Moment Point
April, 2005
$24.95 CAD
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Susan Watkins, close friend of Jane Roberts--one of the most respected psychics of the 20th century--attended Roberts' ESP class from 1968 to 1975. Throughout the years, Watkins and her fellow classmates asked themselves and Seth, the entity who spoke through Roberts, difficult questions regarding personal reality. Faced with incidents of serious illness, painful relationships, financial hardship and natural catastrophes, they challenged Seth's repeated statement that we each "create our own reality."

In addition to being a well-written, highly entertaining historical account of the late Jane Roberts and of the class--with its diverse members, raucous atmosphere and sometimes heated arguments--Conversations with Seth reveals the profound insights that individual class members and the group as a whole discovered over time: insights into the origin of both the troubling and triumphant events in our lives, and insights into the vast nature of human consciousness.

The book includes illustrations drawn by artist George Rhoads during class and a centre insert of photos of class members, Jane and Jane speaking for Seth.

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